Welcome: 2013

Dear All,

I note that fresh graduates in Mineral Engineering or post graduates in Mineral Engineering after a graduate degree in engineering or those who did three years course at PG level in Mineral Processing indeed need guidance in securing a job. I created this page for these fresh candidates to post their CVs as attachment at the bottom of this page so that the industries looking for fresh graduates may scan for suitable candidates. I request the fresher to note that there is no guarantee that they will get employment by mearly posting the CV here (as attachment). On the other hand I request the seniors in the industry to look for candidates here and also forward the link to this page to other industries who might be looking for candidates. If any candidates sends his CV to dmrsekhar@yahoo.com or to Dr. G. Prabhu prabhu2626@yahoo.co.in we will post it here as attachment as a free service.

I remember Er. BN Chaterjee Sb with gratitude who recruited me for M/s Hindusthan Zinc Ltd and shaped my career as a mineral engineer.


DMR Sekhar

More attachments of CVs here: http://mineralengineer.wikifoundry.com/page/Welcome+%28continued%29%3A+2013

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