Post IMPC 2012

1)Barry Wills gave a platform to mineral engineers to express themselves freely; take the Powers that are of International Level. Indian mineral engineers showed their courage and expressed their views. May see this link:

2)Prof. TC Rao has been proved to be the Darling of Mineral Engineers not only in India but also abroad.

3)The mail from IIMT clears shows the Organising Committee (B.K.Mishra and the Team) have been kept in dark and were not told till the last minute about IMPC Council’s choice of the candidate for life time achievement Award.

4)Chairman, IMPC puts in his Blog that there are many Indians worthy of getting the nomination for Award. This implies that IMPC wanted to give it to an Indian? He also wrote, “Moreover the suggestion that there may have been impropriety in the process is an affront to the dignity of not only the recipient of the Award in New Delhi but to all those eminent and highly distinguished individuals who have been recipients of this prestigious Award since its inception at the Congress in San Francisco in 1995”. Yes IMPC’s decision of 2012 LIFE Time Achievement Award in deed lowered the dignity of IMPC.

5)Taking 3 and 4 above it is apparent that only the Indian IMPC Council Member i.e Dr. Pradip played the key role and got the decisions clinched. Or otherwise how LAA and young author’s award went to TRDC? What is so specific about TRDC?

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