MESA Awards

Mineral Engineering Science Association, Visakhapatnam

MESA Awards

Er. AC Datta:

Er. AC Datta a chemical engineer from Jadavpur University, Calcutta and was an industrialist. Er. Datta started Metal Corporation of India (MCI) as Managing Director with Lead Zinc ore mining at Zawar mines (Udaipu), Zinc Smelting at Debari (Udaipur) and probably lead smelter at Tundu (Bihar). Govt. of India nationalized MCI and renamed it as Hindusthan Zinc Ltd. Pre independence (of India) ruler of Bikaner invited Datta Sb to start gypsum mining in his area. The mining of gypsum was started in Jhamsar, Bikaner by Bikaner Gypsum Ltd (BGL), Datta Sb as MD of BGL. Those days it was said that Jhamsar was the largest open cast mine in Asia. BGL was awarded a contract by The Govt. of Rajasthan to mine phosphate mineral from Jhamarkotra mines (Udaipur). Those were the days where companies with mining experience and machinery were rare. BGL was later taken over by Govt. of Rajasthan and renamed as Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Ltd.

Er. BN Chaterjee:
Er. BN Chaterjee is a graduate in chemical engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. It is said that AC Datta Sb picked up BN Chaterjee Sb and sent him to Zawar Mines to work in the 100 TPD Lead Zinc plant of M/s Metal Corporation of India. Chaterjee Sb is very fond of being an Ore Dressing Engineer. The junior colleagues of Chaterjee Sb used to call him Dada of Ore Dressing. He kept two product formula to calculate lead/ zinc recoveries a top secrete for a long time! He is a great learner even after he became Chief of Ore Dressing (COD) of M/s Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Once he offered two beers to a Poland Ore Dressing Engineer (at Bhuvaneshwar during a conference) to learn a technique to reduce silica in Zinc concentrate. The Poland engineer suggested to put a vibrator (that is used in settling concrete) in the froth bed of Zinc cleaner to prevent mica gangue that has a tendency to get mechanically entrapped in the froth due to its flaky nature. He took bold step to recruit fresh ore dressing engineers from IIT, Kharagpur; ISM, Dhanbad and Andhra University. The engineers he groomed are now working internationally.

Prof. C. Mahadevan:
Prof Calamur Mahadevan was a visionary. He started several branches of Earth Sciences such as applied geology, geophysics and ore dressing. The course in Ore Dressing was started by him sixty years back in the department of geology. He is so fondly remembered by his students that they started an association in the name of the Professor. Prof TC Rao was specifically directed by him to take up the PG Course in Ore Dressing. Prof. Mahadevan closely worked with Sir CV Raman.

Prof. C. Chiranjeevi:
Prof. C. Chiranjeevi took keen interest in Ore Dressing course which was then one year M.Sc. The course was transferred from the department of geology to the department of chemical engineering. Later one year course is converted to two years M. Tech in Mineral Process Engineering. He guided few students for Ph. D course. He was responsible for arranging in campus interviews for Ore Dressing students of chemical engineering. Prof. Chiranjeevi maintained excellent relations with the industry.
MESA Awards:
MESA awards are instituted in the honour of the above personalities to encourage young Mineral Process Engineers. These awards intend to identify future leaders in Mineral Processing as far as possible.

For whom these awards are meant? – Young (Preferably below the age of 35 years) engineers and scientists (from any branch of science) working in the field of minerals are eligible for MESA Awards. Candidates above the age of 35 years age may be considered as an exception provided the candidate has Ph. D and publications in international journals.

How to get nominated? - We expect the seniors to identify the young talent and nominate. There is no formal nomination form. It is enough if the contribution of the nominee is highlighted by the sponsor and send it to Er. K. Kanna Babu, the secretary MESA. Alternatively the candidates themselves may show case their contribution at any of the following research sites. MESA strives to be as transparent as possible so that the selection of winners is unequivocal.
or any other visible website so that many may see the posted articles.

And notify the same to the secretary of MESA or at:
Once nominated it stands for the next three years.
MESA Awardees

(1) MS Jena :
(2) Dr. Magesh Pillai : ;
(3) Dr. K. Srinivas :
(4) Sunil Tripathi :
(5) Dr. Sreedevi :
(6) Er. Raghuram Sandeep :
(7) Dr. G. Prabhulingaiah :
(8) Dr. Indresh Rathore :
(9) AEr. jit Swain : [not in Vedanta now], NML, Jeshedpur.
(10) Asish Kumar:
(11) Dr. Kuldeep Jain :
(12) Dr. Rama Murthy Yanamandra:
(13) Dr. G. Seshamma:
(14) Er. T. Venu Gopal:
(15) Er. Srikanth Reddi :
(16) Er. Satya Prasad, K Srinivasa :
(17) Dr. Ch. A. I. Raju :
(18) Dr. Binoy Saikia:
(19) Er. LN Kachava : RSMML, 4- Meera Marg, Udaipur.
(20) Alok Tripathi : IMMT, Bhuvaneshwar
(21) Dr. Prashant Kumar:

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